Saturday, 17 August 2019

Artist      : JETHRO TULL (UK)
Album    : Selections From The Concerts 1969/2011 - GMFH Compilation
Year       :  2019
Genre    :  Progressive Rock

1.A Song For Jeffrey
1.Beggars Farm
1.My Sunday Feeling
1.Nothing Is Easy
1.Serenade To A Cuckoo
1.Someday The Sun Won't Shine For You
2.A New Day Yesterday 
2.Fat Man
2.For A Thousand Mothers 
2.Look IntoThe Sun
2.We Used To Know 
3.Sossity-Reasons For Waiting
3.To Cry You A Song 
3.With You There to Help Me 
4.Cheap Day Return
4.Mother Goose
4.Wond’ring Aloud
4.Cross-Eyed Mary 
4.Hymn 43
4.Locomotive Breath 
4.Mother Goose
4.My God 
4.Up To Me
5.Thick As A Brick 
6.Life Is A Long Song
6.Living In The Past 
6.Sweet Dream
8.Bungle In The Jungle
8.Skating Away On The Thin Ice Of A New Day
9.Minstrel In The Gallery
9.One White Duck
10.From A Dead Beat To An Old Greaser
10.Too Old To Rock'n'Roll Too Young To Dıe
11.Hunting Girl 
11.Jack In The Green
11.Songs From The Wood
12.Heavy Horses
12.No Lullaby
12.One Brown Mouse
13.Intro , Dark Ages
13.Dun Ringill
13.Old Ghosts
13.Something's On The Move
14.And Further On-Flyingdale Flyer-Protect And Survive
14.Batteries Not Included
14.Protect And Survive
15.Pussy Willow
16.Later, That Same Evening
16.Under Wraps 
17.Farm On The Freeway
17.Jump Start (Live)
19.Like A Tall Thin Girl 
19.Rocks On The Road
19.Still Loving You 
19.This Is Not Love 
20.At Last, Forever
20.Beside Myself 
20.Dangerous Veils
20.Out Of The Noise
20.Rare And Precious Chain
20.Roots To Branches
21.Dot Com
22.God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
22.The Christmas Song
22.We Five Kings

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